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Tower Hobbies TS-80

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One of the Strongest Servos Available Anywhere Dual Ball Bearings for Smooth Output and Precision Watertight Case Indirect-Drive Potentiometer Enormous Gear Train for Reliable Operation Universal Connector Fits Futaba Hitec JR KO Propo Airtronics Z and Tower Hobbies. ne Giant Scale Servo w/Universal Connector Three Extra Heavy Output Arms One Hardware Accessory Bag (Screws Grommets Eyelets) One Universal Y-Harness 4.8V (4 cells) 6.0V (5 cells) Torque: �275 oz-in (19.8 kg-cm) 343 oz-in (24.7 kg-cm) Speed: �0.19 sec/60 0.14 sec/60� Current Drain: �Idle: 8mA Running w/No Load: �700mA Signal Pulse: �Positive Pulse Control 1520us Neutral Weight: �5.4oz (153g) Length: �2.6 (66mm) Width: �1.2 (30mm) Height: �2.3 (58mm)