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GP Learjet kit


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Fortune 500 jet looks and performance now in a sport model!

With its innovative design, precise computer engineering and detailed, photo-illustrated instructions, the Great Planes Learjet is perfect for any low-wing pilot. It handles as comfortably as an Ultra Sport - but has the potential for thrilling speed and maneuverability.

  • Precision-formed details, all-balsa exterior and realistic decals combine for easy scale finishing.

  • Wing features standard D-tube construction and tip sheeting to lock in washout, plus a notched leading edge for accurate rib placement.

  • Precision-formed ABS plastic canopy supplies jet lines without carving-and lifts off for easy access to the fuel tank.

  • Includes fixed landing gear plus instructions for adding optional retracts (Hobbico Mechanical Retracts, HCAP4000, recommended).  
  • Retracts included with this Consignment item!!!!

  • The radio compartment can be reached through a hatch in the bottom aft end of the fuselage. Angled servo mounting allows the mechanics for control operation to be hidden within the tail structure.

  • Instead of expensive ducted fan engines, the Learjet flies with a 2-stroke sport engine and propeller-an easy, affordable way to enjoy the "jet experience."